At First, All He Saw Was a THREAT. But Look What a Little Love Did for This Dog.


Watch this rehabilitative dog video and see him fighting and biting the blanket as they try to calm Ralph down. His aggressive behavior is not easy to deal with. See how Ralph finally calms down and behaves like a normal puppy again. He looks so much better after his rehabilitation.

Thanks again to Barbara for helping him. Ralph sure was a tough customer for the “Hope For Paws” Organization. Watch this great dog rescue video and see how they change little Ralph’s attitude. He becomes a beautiful little puppy again and is ready to be adopted to a good home. Ralph has come a long way from the trash pile he was living in.

Thanks to “Hope For Paws”, Ralph finds a new home and becomes a well adjusted little fellow. Watch how loving Ralph becomes with his new owner. He runs and plays but his aggressiveness is gone. Ralph is a beautiful relaxed curly eared puppy. Thanks to Barbara and the “Hope For Paws” rescue group Ralph has made a full recovery.

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