Arty Is Terrified Of Doorways – How He Crosses Them Is Absolutely Hysterical


This funny little video shows how a golden retriever copes with the fear of entering a doorway. There is nothing strange about the door. There is no actual door. There is only the opening from a hardwood floor to a carpeted floor. Yet something keeps the dog from being able to go through the doorway.

The lady that owns the dog and her friends do everything within their power to coax the dog through the doorway but all their efforts prove fruitless. The dog simply will not go through the doorway.

The short 22 second video has a lot going for it. The dog’s fear is palpable and very real but like a lot of animal behavior it is funny. The women are hilarious in their pleading and begging the dog to come through the door to be with them. It might be a smell that is hindering the dog but we just do not see anything physical that the dog is afraid of.

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