Approached By Ferocious Wolves, The Outcome Was Unbelievable


Just imagine you’re doing your everyday life, minding your own business, thinking about cups of coffee and your own secret plans to take over the world when, all of a sudden, a pack of wolves starts approaching you. IF they were dogs, you would probably find it odd, but keep your cool, but since they’re wolves, panic would certainly set in. Experts advise you not to run in this situation, it’ll only make you look like prey to the wolves, which will then see you as an easy target… and as lunch. Moreover, you should never turn your back on the wolves, but rather than that, you should make yourself look scary by yelling, throwing stones and raising your arms so that you’ll look big and strong.

If things do get bad, however, experts advise you to just curl up into a ball and protect your face so the damage won’t be too big. Having your back exposed to wolves would never be a good scenario since they will certainly try to flank you for an attack, but then again, if the attack is undergoing, you’d rather be bitten in the back than in the face. The situation was pretty similar with this woman. She was approached rapidly by a pack of ferocious wolves and she managed to keep her head held high while staring back at the wolves. Honestly, if I were her, I don’t know if I could have done the same thing, but with what happened next I bet she also wanted to curl up into a ball to protect her face.

The wolves did flank the woman, but it wasn’t for an attack. Turns out, this woman named Anita, actually worked at a zoo in Norway and knew these wolves, so they didn’t want to attack her, but they actually wanted to say hi to their friend, that they hadn’t seen in a long time.

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