What Those Monsters Did With This Dog Is Unfathomable, But Watch This


In August, 2011, fifty dogs were rescued in two different operations. A task force in North Carolina implemented the rescue of dogs from two separate dog fighting rings. The dogs were found chained up, injured and abused. Many of them looked to be starved and beaten by their abusive owners.

Gremlin Von Cocopuff was one of the dogs that were rescued from the encampments. He was chained down and his movements were restricted. He was emaciated and looked to have been beaten and starved. Gremlin became the ‘poster dog’ for the animal rescue team, using him on their posters to show the horrors of dog fighting.

Years later Gremlin Von Cocopuff is a happy and healthy pit bull who is cherished by his owner and visited often by one of the women who helped rescue him. He is playful and full of life. His once dead eyes now shine with life and energy.

Gremlin enjoys taking walks and has even made friends with another dog. He has learned to be a good dog; one who does not wish to fight man nor beast. The animal rescue team that brought him and nearly fifty other dogs from the dirt, filth, and monstrous abuse that they had been exposed to cannot be called anything less than heroes.

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