And They Call It Puppy Love!


Every great relationship needs a little help now and then. How do you meet one another? This is a modern spin on Romeo and Juliet for sure. Only this one is for the dogs. It has the happiest of endings, but we cannot give that away just yet. You will have to watch the whole video to see how our modern day love birds found each other. This may even give your own love story the jump start that it needs. Who knows, you may find your own happily ever after soon enough.

Harvey falls head over paws in love with Harmony. The only problem is where do they go from here? How did their love story start? One night Harvey couldn’t take being alone anymore. So he went off to puppy speed dating. There were all kind of nice pups there, but none that were quite the right fir for Harvey. He was about ready to give up for sure. He did not know where else to turn. Then suddenly, he sees her, Harmony. He knows he has met the love of his dog life. He just has to keep them together forever. He comes up with a plan to make true love last for a lifetime. Harmony loves Harvey very much and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She is a good girl though and has to do things right. Harvey knows he has found the way to a happy life.
What is a good dog owner to do? Harvey knows that his owner cannot possibly say no to such an adorable family. Harvey’s owner welcomes them with open arms. Even pups can have a happily ever after. So what is holding you back from the love of your life?

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