An Orangutan Birth is Captured For The First Time EVER. What She Does to Her Newborn Blew Me Away!


The video below is unique and special and a bit shocking. You are about to see the live birth of an orangutan. This has never been captured on video before. Be forewarned, it is graphic and an adult should view it before sharing it with young children to be prepared for the multitude of questions that are sure to follow. It is amazing to see a mother in the animal kingdom act on pure instinct and to perform life insuring steps to protect her young. Humans, the “superior species” in most societies have become so removed from this natural process that we cannot imagine giving birth alone in the woods. But this orangutan mother makes it look easy! Modern medicine is a miracle in itself. Our children are cared for so far beyond what they were 100 years ago, and because of that they live longer. But putting ourselves in the situation of this animal mother, would our natural instincts kick in? Would a human mother instinctively know that using her mouth, airway, and hands, she could and must clear the airway for the child to breathe?

Though I am sure there was great pain involved, the orangutan simply does what needs to be done. Her focus is evident. Her breathing is controlled. When left to nature, we see that all we need to reproduce is in us. We were, whether by design or creation, made to reproduce. It is a beautiful thing to witness.

The orangutan mother delivers the infant seamlessly. She then sets about insuring his survival. The baby orangutan is cleaned. Using her own mouth, she suctions his airway. Soon the baby orangutan is “crying” and moving and thriving. The instincts of the mother orangutan are in full force. She continues until her work is done. She needs no assistance, she just knows what to do.

The same “know-how” born in her to give birth to and immediately care for her baby will surface time and time again. She will feed him, keep him warm and keep him safe. She will train him to survive with-out her. She will use the gifts she was born with to do the job she is commissioned to do.

When the time comes, without guilt or fanfare, she will send her young out to face the world. He will know how to defend himself, provide for himself and procreate. This cycle will repeat itself as it always has. The only exception will be the human and their offspring. The human mother will perhaps hold on a bit too long. Perhaps she will not make sure her young is as self-efficient. But one hopes that when push comes to shove, the human just as the orangutan will rise to the occasion.

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