An Old Man Has A Stroke And Is Rushed To The Hospital, But Watch His Dog’s Reaction…


A PSA was created in Argentina, where there is an elderly man and his dog. It is obvious that they have been best friends for years. The dog and the man go everywhere together. The dog wakes him up every morning, and the two of them go out on the town. It’s such a loving bond that they share, and then when you see what happens to the man next, it takes your breath away. The man suffers a stroke, and his dog proceeds to chase the ambulance all the way to the hospital. He waits in the rain for days at the entrance to the hospital. The owner never comes out, but there is a miracle. The PSA goes on to explain that tens of thousands of lives are saved as a result of organ donation every year. In 2014, 20,000 transplants were possible as a result of organ donation according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.At the end of the video, the woman that the dog meets with is saved as a result of organ donation. It gives the story a happy ending for everyone. While we don’t know what happens with the woman and the dog, we believe that he is given a new home with her. It has a very strong emotional ending for a PSA, and it is simply phenomenal.

Many people have share this video because of how touching it is. Almost everyone has known as someone who has been affected by organ donation – either they have been an organ donor, or they were saved as a result of organ donation. It doesn’t have to be the individual themselves, it can be a family member or friend.

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