An Abused Pit Bull Started Barking Uncontrollably… The Reason Is Unbelievable


There’s an abused pit bull named Lou. He was rescued from an abusive owner by a new family – and he came to the rescue one evening. It turns out that he was able to save the family after he was saved.

One evening, there was a fire in the family’s Carbondale home. The fire alarms did not go off and that’s when Lou the pit bull decided to step in and decide he needed to do something. He barked and barked in a frantic way, waking the family up.

The owner said that if it weren’t for the dog, they wouldn’t be here right now. The owner had touched the door knob, found it was hot, and knew to call 911. They did their best to salvage items from the house, but there was simply no time. They had to leave with just the clothes on their back – and they have Lou to thank.

It is unclear as to why there were no alarms going off, but the family is thankful to have Lou. Say what you may about pit bulls, but this one has shown that he is a keeper. The news station covered what happened with the family and has said that Red Cross is helping the family – and that the community of Carbondale is taking notes to help the family as well.

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