An Abused Dog Tried Escaping, Always Ending Up Back Home. Watch What Happens This Time.


Animals are not always the victims of physical abuse. Emotional abuse like lack of attention, no response to the love a dog shows for its owner, poor diet, and too little food can be just as devastating to a dog’s physical and emotional health as a beating or being caged.

This video is the story of Emerson. Emerson is a small long-haired white dog. Emerson had run away from his neglectful owner many times and ended up in the same animal shelter. After his final bid for freedom, the owner left little Emerson in the caring hands of the people at Tails of Hope.

Little Emerson’s hair is so dirty and matted together that it looks like he has not had a bath in years. The little dog is so afraid of people that he cannot stop shaking and trembling. One of Emerson’s legs has a large gash on it that has exposed the bones and muscles.

Sadly, the damage to Emerson’s right front leg is so severe that it had to be amputated. Despite malnutrition, amputation, emotional trauma, and the lack of simple acts of kindness that normal animal owners would give to their pets, Emerson makes a startlingly fast recovery with the help of kindness and doctoring from the animal shelter.

This video shows the remarkable resilience of dogs that have been abused when the animals get the care and attention that they deserve. The little dog is truly inspiring as he bounds about his new home on three legs. His new owner claims that the only thing that Emerson needed to overcome his fear and emotional trauma was a little love.

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