Amazing Stove Cleaning Technique. Her Next Move Had Me Taking Notes


In this video, a woman decides to clean her dirty, greasy stove with just two things: a Ziploc bag and ammonia. You probably thought the same we did at the beginning of the video: “A Ziploc bag?”. Well, yes, a Ziploc bag. What the woman did was simply put her stove inside of the Ziploc bag and then spray the bag with some ammonia. After that, she closed it up, mixed it all, and let the ammonia work on the burner over night while the bag was closed.

The next day, the ammonia was brown and all she had to do was wipe off all of the food that was on top of the burner. That’s it! Incredibly, she just had to scrape it off and that was it, as good as new. This is an amazing trick you can do and it will certainly be useful when you don’t have a lot of free time to clean the kitchen, but remember, it is always best to keep the kitchen clean on a daily basis and to clean right after you cook a meal, so that the effort isn’t so big when you have to clean the whole thing.

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