All It Took Was A Bath and Some Kindness for These Homeless Dogs to Feel Loved. We’re in Tears!


One of the most amazing aspects of these homeless dogs’ lives is that they were able to make a way for themselves in the mean streets without adequate food, shelter, medical care for their mange and disease, and of course, the crippling loneliness that accompanies the lack of a proper home and people to care about their well being. Dogs are pack animals, they are social creatures by nature, so living without a home or families that care for them can be extremely devastating from a mental standpoint. Dogs are engineered to receive and enjoy our love, to be treated with the same respect that all living creatures on this planet deserve. One of the most common mistakes people make is assuming that dogs are placed on this Earth to be ignored and mistreated until the day arrives that we feel comfortable paying attention to their needs. Dogs are not just adorable animals that can be neglected, then conveniently remembered at moments that matter to us. They are not here to be used from to time to boost our own self esteem.

Your simple efforts could very well mean the world to an innocent pup out there, so be sure to act now! And share this!

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