Alan Jackson Sings Amazing Grace.


Alan Jackson had the most stunning voice. You know him from so many country hits. This time he gives us a change. We get to hear him sing “Amazing Grace”. Is this not the most lovely version of the song, ever! His voice comes through so clear and beautiful. The instruments and artists playing along are all so talented. This truly is nothing short of a masterpiece. Everyone should be so blessed to hear Alan Jackson singing “Amazing Grace”.

When he begins to sing the song, all you see is him and the piano player. Suddenly, you see all the other artists, backup singers and hear the music. You cannot help but be touched to the depths of your soul. You can get through the worst days just listening to a song like this. Faith doesn’t have to be about just attending church. You can listen to Alan Jackson singing this song and feel so close to heaven. Isn’t that an amazing gift! You can be so close to the heavens you can almost touch them when listening to Alan Jackson singing this song. If he has not done other hymns, he needs to. Maybe some more classic hymns like ” It is Well With My Soul” and “The Old Rugged Cross”? Wouldn’t that be wonderful to hear him sing this with the same group of artists. I can imagine that Alan Jackson would also be perfect singing some more modern hymns also. It seems to be nothing he can’t sing beautifully. This is truly a gift from God to be so very talented.

The line that really reaches out to me in the song is “When We Have Been There”. Isn’t that a lovely line! When we have been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun, we have no less days to sing God’s praise than when we have first begun. That is the most lovely thought also. Once we get to heaven, we can sing God’s praises forever. That time will not end. We will always be able to praise and worship him for all time and eternity. That is a true blessing! Alan Jackson has been known for many years in country music. He has a talent that can’t be denied. There seems to be nothing he cannot sing. This would be a blessing for him to do a whole album with just hymns. Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing to listen too. Alan Jackson singing all the hymns we have loved and sang at church. It could truly be a blessing to listen to. Alan Jackson has such a gift that we all are blessed to listen to. Here is hoping he sings more hymns.

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