An Alabama Fisherman Can’t Believe His Eyes When He Sees A Kitten Swimming Toward His Boat


The kitten is definitely happy to come across this fisherman and is grateful for the help he provides. The poor kitten swims right up to the boat and even though this fisherman has never seen anything quite like this, he does not hesitate to place the waterlogged kitty into his boat. But wait, there’s more!

As the first kitten speaks out, showing its appreciation to the kindly fisherman, his gaze is still trained off into the distance. There is another kitten swimming towards the boat! As the fisherman speaks ill of those who were foolish enough to dump these innocent kittens out in the dangerous waters (using a few choice words in the process), the second kitten makes its way to the boat and is overjoyed to be rescued.

The idea that some cruel soul would leave these adorable kittens out in the middle of the water, where they could drown or be attacked by other animals who claim the area as their natural habitat, is difficult to fathom. With so many available shelters and forever homes, placing these animals in harm’s way like this is reprehensible.

Thankfully, there are people like this fisherman who have much better sense about these things. More people should think like he does, so that we can avoid these unfortunate incidents in the future.

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