After What Happened To This Dog, You Wouldn’t Think She’d React Like THIS… Wow!


As the animal rescuers arrive, little did they know that they would witness a sight that would weigh so much on their emotions. They locate Lola on the other side of a wall, lying in a pile of refuse with her stomach split open. Her tail wags furiously in the most confusing mix of pain, anxiety and relief. As the shadows of her rescuers are cast over her, she feels a certain feeling of calm, as she now knows that everything is going to be alright. As one of the people surrounding her lift up her hind leg to properly understand what is causing her so much distress, he notices that her stomach has been split open and there is a lot of blood oozing around her belly

She is clearly in a lot of pain, but yet she manages to lick and play with the hands of the people who try to help her out of this situation. Amazing! One can only imagine the horrors that she must have endured before finally ending up on the pile of refuse near the wall. Also, she is quite fortunate that someone was able to find her before something even more horrifying had happened. Lola held on through everything with the last ounce of strength she had in her body as she laid almost lifelessly on the floor. The sounds of the tires approaching must have sounded like music to her ears. Yet, with the most amazing level of maturity, so much activity going on around her does not frighten her. She knows that it would all soon be over, and even better, her pain would soon be over.

This video showcases a great amount of determination and strength that it took for this dog to pull through. In the midst of all the pain, she must have felt like it would never end. As she is carried towards the ambulance to be taken to a dog hospital, she winces with pain, but she knows this is the good type of pain. The type that means it would all be over very soon.

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This video shows us just how much determination and perseverance that dogs have. These amazing little creatures exhibit such rare forms of emotions that always leave us shocked and amazed. Thankfully for Lola, she got rescued in the nick of time.

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