After Several Attempts Boy Manages To Lose His Excess Weight


We all know that one of the main epidemics nowadays is the one of that is often referred to as “obesity”. This is basically a medical condition in which excessive amounts of body fat accumulate in our bodies to the point where they start having negative consequences on our body. It’s just terrible the life expectancy of an obese individual goes down due to severe health problems attached to the body fat. Obesity is now one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and if you were to just take a look at the charts you would see that the risk of death of any individual with excessive body fat is ridiculously huge compared to the risk of death of a regular individual.

Other than these risks, an individual with excess weight is also the target of a lot of ridicule from society itself. It just seems that people can not accept anyone that differs from their pre-conceived reasoning of normal. If an individual looks different, he fails to be normal and as such, needs to be mocked – such is the cognitive reasoning of contemporary individuals. As a consequence, some individuals with excessive body fat end up crumbling down, others end up not caring about what others think about them and others… well they become incredibly motivated and their dream becomes to lose weight. This is what happened with the boy we see in the video. He was ridiculed, he was mocked and that led to a lot of insecurity and unhappiness. Can you imagine living in a world where someone randomly laughs near you and you imagine these laughs are aimed at you? Can you imagine not feeling comfortable in your own skin and just wishing you looked different than the way you look today? It just seems terrible, but this boy wasn’t going to settle, he decided to go for a change.

He weighed 210 pounds n the summer of 2009 and had already tried different diets and other weight-loss methods that did not work for him. Since he wasn’t succeeding he decided to go all-on on his goal, and the results started to show. In just two years he was able to turn his life around and lose a total of 80 lbs. of fat, making him a fit individual in its definition. He made a video to show his change and called it “My transformation from massive to muscular” and you will understand the name of the video as soon as you see it. Granted, the boy did manage to lose the excess weight and certainly stopped being mocked in every possible social situation. But his biggest gain was in health terms, because he stopped being at risk of a different number of health conditions just by losing his excess body fat.

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