After Seeing How Easy This Patriotic Cake Is, I’ll Never Bring Anything Else to A July 4th Cookout


Watch as this chef shows you some great ideas for creating these dishes. You can turn a simple pound cake or pie into a seasonal delight. Make a pie crust or start with some pound cakes from the deli. Mix in some whip cream and some seasonal fruit like blueberries and you have a tasty summer holiday treat. With these ideas you can get creative and make an “Old Glory” design on your dessert with seasonal fruit.

The colors of your flag can be made from strawberries and blueberries. You can try using different seasonal fruits to create your “Old Glory” dessert. Be creative and use whatever is available to you in your area. There is always something local and tasty to add to your desserts. With all this great fresh dessert on the inside and the flag on the outside you will have a fun outdoor party.

Try something different this holiday and show your true patriotic colors. Watch this Independence Day dessert creations video and get some great ideas. All of these tasty treats are guaranteed to please your tastebuds and also your sense of holiday fun. These easy to make treats involve filling your pie or cake with lots of fresh fruit.

These desserts are easy to make so watch this video as you see all the cool things you can create for the holidays. You won’t believe your eyes as this tall chef shows you how to use seasonal produce to create these beautiful works of art. This is such a fun video watching all these great ideas for making a great Independence Day dessert. You might just have as much fun making them as you do eating them.

The idea is pretty simple just fill up a pie crust with fresh seasonal fruit and some other sweet ingredients and then top again with the fruit. Be sure to make your fruit look like an Independence day celebration! You can also use simple pound cake and top with the July fourth colored fruits. When you watch this video you will get plenty of new ideas for creating these tasty treats. They look great on the outside and they taste so good on the inside. Enjoy these fun ideas today and celebrate the holidays in style and taste!

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