After Being Rescued From Slaughter, This Cow Now Spends Her Days Doing THIS!


In the heart of America’s Dairy land one cow is living a most unusual life. Even the most powerful advocate of animal rights would approve. On a carpet of lush green grass, beneath a deep blue sky and cotton-like billowy clouds this cow experiences love that is deep and genuine. Many people live their entire lives without experiencing abiding love like this. This love affair of a cow, a human boy, and a dog would surely make Darwin and evolutionary biologists scratch their heads in wonderment. The mystical attraction that draws these three together in a union of platonic love defies the imagination, but even the most astonished onlookers seem gratified by the vision of love among species.

The boy looks young, as in his mid-twenties. He is handsome and athletic and he is not shy to show his love for the dog and the cow in the middle of a meadow on a bright sunlit morning. He happily stretches out on his back and the dog and cow quickly come to join him.

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