After 22 Years, An Elephant Sees An Old Friend. But No One Expected THIS Reaction!


Captured as an infant she was torn from her mother, her home and her natural habitat. She met an older female elephant named Jenny. Shirley was broken and trained to perform but she found comfort as well as a surrogate mother in Jenny.Shirley and Jenny performed together for years, until old age retired them. Once again torn from her mother and home she was locked away alone with no contact from her own kind for 20 years.Finally, she is being relocated to a home with no chains and her own kind. Her caretakers are unsure how she will react. Arriving at her new home she’s met with an old familiar face.
Reunited with Jenny, the only family she’s ever known, Shirley is set to live out our days chain free with her the one and only friend. She found her place and the one true friend that she’s loved her whole life.

After a hard life of a lonely captivity Shirley, starts down the last road she will ever travel and finds the one she’s left behind. Never forgetting each other, their friendship and love burns as bright today as it did 20 years ago when they were torn apart. Every winding path and rocky road we travel is one that we will one day have to go back down.

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