Adorable Yorkie Is So Excited For Thanksgiving, It’s Just Too Cute!



Make a fist. Now with your thumb nearest your face push your fist against your nose creating a muzzle. Now you can see how your dog sees when he looks at you. Now, tilt your head from one side to the other and you will see your vision is less impaired.

If your dog were trying to study your face because he does not understand what you are saying, tilting his head from one side to the other gives him a better view. In a study with breeds of dogs with long muzzles against breeds such as Pugs, the dogs with long muzzles tilted their heads 20 – 50% more than the dog with the flatter muzzle. Obviously this is not a “Knock it out of the park” observation, but it does add some merit to the theory.

Whether your pooch is a Pug or a Yorkie, the head tilt is adorable and makes your smile. So just keep talking and your dog will reward you with cuteness!

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