Adorable French Bulldog Will Snore His Way Into Your Heart!


Do you know that puppies snore too? Most of the time it depends on the sleeping position, but some dogs will always snore no matter what. In other words it is the same like us. Some snore every time as laud as they can, others snore when they are not sleeping in a comfortable position, and others snore when they have been drinking alcohol. Puppies snore too, and they snore a lot most of the time. Talking from my experience, all my dogs used to snore. I have had 3 Huskies, 1 Pit-Bull, and now my mother has an American Eskimo. I have slept with all of them and they all used to snore. I am not saying that they snore 3 hours straight while sleeping. But one moment or another they did snore.

Well the same happens with this little buddy here. His name is Carlos and he is a French Bulldog. At the end of the video you will notice that Carlos is sleeping under an office chair. Looks like this little buddy has had a really tiring work day. Probably he had a new project to present, and now afterwork he decided to rest, and take a short nap.

From the appearance you could say that Carlos makes a great companion. On the other hand if he snores like that way too often ,then no one will accept to share a room with him. If you are a picky person, then make sure to get a puppy that doesn’t snore while sleeping. I am repeating that dogs don’t snore all day, but they have a few moments they can’t control. Even though the snores, I still find Carlos way too cute. He looks like an adorable little puppy, and he looks like a little angel. His mommy is one lucky lady!

Source: Heroviral

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