Adorable Bulldog Puppy’s First Step Will Make Your Heart Explode!



Tebow expects his pet parents to help and when they do not immediately come to his assistance the little dog makes such a pitiful whine and crying sound that his pet father just cannot resist giving the little fellow some physical encouragement in the form of a pat and a rub.

You absolutely want to share this darling little episode in the natural development of a puppy. The vast majority of the world has never seen this stirring display of determination or the absolutely charming delight the little dog has in learning how to stumble before he can walk.

The little video is also a tribute to the people that made it. The pet parents have obviously seen this before and had the patience to make a video that shows the natural and unassisted maturing of a three-week old puppy. The videographers wait until the very last moment to lend a helping hand and that patience makes Tebow a star performer.

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