A Tourist Was Filming At The Beach When THIS Came Out Of The Water… This Is CRAZY!


While on vacation on a Brazilian beach, an anonymous sun bather picks up a smart phone to film this spectacular rescue. This is no tall fish tail, although the tail was vital in order for the Brazilian beach goers to mount a successful rescue. One of the eye witness accounts elaborated on the quick and seemingly organized response of caring sun bathers. The school of dolphins had been pointed out by numerous vacations, swimming along the coast of Brazil at Arraial do Cabo. A few reportedly pulled out binoculars to take a closer look at their shear magnificence. The pod of dolphins seemed to be doing what dolphins have been doing of the beach at Arraial do Cabo for hundreds of years. Sometime after the dolphin pod was spotted off the beach it became eerily clear that something was not quite right on this beautiful calm afternoon. The dolphins had been swimming quite a distance of the beach along the coast. At some point they all turned toward the coast and swam directly toward the beach.

This is the point when our anonymous vacationer picked up their smart phone and began to film the entire encounter. Although this incredible scene was capture with state of the art technology, it was the common sense ingenuity of the local beach goers who were able to save the day! Cries of disbelief and amazement are heard as the dolphins continue to swim at what appears to be a full speed, with the surf toward the beach. As the dolphins began to struggle as they beached themselves in the sallow surf, cries went out to help them. It was a unanimous response to what was unfolding right before their eyes, something had to be done to help the dolphins find their way back out to sea. Fortunately it did not take long for the first brave souls to run out into the water to try and push the mammals back out to the deeper water.

The group of men pulled one dolphin after the other back out into the sea. As each one reached the depth at which they could now swim on their own, they began to swim out toward the deeper water. A gentle sense of relief moved through the crowd as it became clear the pod was now safely swimming back out into the open water. It still is unclear as to why and how the pod became so lost and confused.

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