A Storm Stranded 200 Horses On This Tiny Piece Of Land. But What Happens… Wow!


he first attempt was by boat but they got stuck in the sand. The second rescue is amazing and you can see it all on this video. A small group of women lead these horses back to safety. Watch to see how they lure the horses back to safety by leading them on horses. Thanks to the local firefighters they help make a pathway that is 1-2 meters deep across the water.

The water has subsided a lot since the storm so now all they have to do is set a path where this large herd of horses can make it back home again. Watch as this small group of women on their horses lead the herd along this shallow path. Watch this video to see how this works out as the horses follow the path that the fireman and the women have laid out for them.

This is an amazing rescue scene from the Netherlands and it has a magical feel to it as you see these beautiful horses on their way to safety. Horses are majestic animals and this beautiful heard is fun to watch. About twenty of the horses had died during the first rescue attempt but the story has a happy ending as the herd is led to safety.

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