A Soda Bottle Broom For Beginners!


If anyone would have said you can take pop bottles and make a broom, you would not believe them. Well it is true, you can! This is not only the most innovative idea, but it is totally green! You use all recycled materials. The only piece of modern equipment you need is a drill. The broom is good as anything you could get in a store, if not better. It also takes less than ten minutes to make. What a great idea that is good for your home. Better yet it is great for the environment. Gather up five 2 liter soda bottles and remove the labels. You will need a sharp utility knife, wire, a drill and two screws. Make sure you are very careful when using the utility knife. The plastic soda bottles can be slippery. You want to make sure that you always cut away from your hands. The knife can slip, so take your time.

You first cut the top off of one of the bottles. You then cut the bottom off another bottle. You want to make sure that your cuts are even. You can use some duct tape or a piece of paper as a guide. Make small scores in the plastic first. Then go around the bottle and cute through evenly. Now you want to take your remaining bottles and start making the bristles. You will cut up about one inch apart each just like a real broom. Make sure you leave a good three inches at the top. Do this to all three bottles. You then want to take a wooden stick or broom handle and place the solid pop bottle top on it. Then take each set of bristles bottles and make the broom. You can use a stick, an old broom handle or a rod you get at a craft store.

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You will now take your drill and make two holes. This will be to tie the wire through. You pull the wire through on each side. This will give the plastic broom its flat surface. You then take a screw and place it in the top of the plastic and wooden handle. This will hold the broom together. You then flatten your plastic bristles out with another screw right below the first one. You can cut off any ends of the bristles that are not even either. This truly makes a perfect broom The best part about this broom is the idea. It is easy to make, costs almost nothing and works like a dream. All it took was someone coming up with the perfect idea. You needed nothing more than materials you had at home. It sweeps just as good as any store bought broom too.

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