A Scared Golden Retriever Panics During Her Rescue. But Watch Her Next Reaction…


Clarabelle cried, rolled and scratched to get free. She was so afraid she lay on her back and covered her eyes with her paws. She looked like a frightened child. The rescuers could have just pulled her out with the control pole, but they were there to help her, not scare her or traumatize her. He inched his way to her very slowly, speaking to her all the way. When he got close enough he patted her nose and she lay still. She never tried to bite him. It was as if, even though she was afraid, she instinctively knew these people were there to help. Inch by inch they ever so slowly inched their way out. The rescuers showed incredible patience and a regard for life that surpasses most of us.

Please share this video so that someone will come forward and adopt this beautiful Golden Retriever. Clarabelle is just one of many animals that are hungry and alone on the streets. Shelters are full and people are donating their time and money to help them. But they need more. To keep these beautiful animals housed, medically treated and fed – they need donations. Please share this incredible story, for Clarabelle and hundreds more who are waiting for a home.

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