A Puppy Wandered Onto Their Porch And Collapsed – What They Discovered Made Me Cry


Fighting dogs for sport is not a sport it is animal cruelty. This touching and heartwarming video tells the tale of one five-month old Pit bull mix puppy that survived a horrible mauling in a dog fight with the help of kind people and animal experts. Jax, the puppy, just barely had enough strength left in his little body to crawl up on the porch of a house he picked at random to die on from the injuries he suffered to his face and neck during a dog fight that was obviously organized by people. The people in the home notified Unleashed Pet Rescue in Topeka Kansas through social media and the staff immediately mobilized to rescue Jax and restore the little dog to health. The staff too did not expect Jax to make it due to the extent of his injuries but they put all they had into their efforts and by their work Jax survived.

The little dog is really in bad shape. His eyes are swollen shut, his entire body is swollen from infection, and he has multiple deep lacerations on his face and neck that should have killed him except for the love of animals and the expertise of people that care for lost, misused, abused, and abandoned pets.

One woman at Unleashed Pet Rescue basically adopts Jax and makes it her project to see that Jax is taken care of and loved until he can recover.

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