A Postman Discovers A Baby Animal On The Road – Watch As He Walks Up


Given the right environment and the right owner, a pig can make a very good pet. But all things must be considered before one attempts to adopt a pig. Research needs to be done to ensure the pig’s needs are accounted for.

Every year shelters find themselves with pigs in their charge because someone thought a piglet was cute and they bought it and took it home. Yes piglets are cute. But they require care that can be a bit demanding. They must be fed properly and given room to roam. They must be trained and most people do not want a full grown hog in their home. Hogs are not as cute as piglets though they all start out that way. Once the pig is grown, it needs to be around other pigs. That is the nature of swine. It is for these reasons, people are encouraged be very careful in adoption.

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