A Police Dog Was Shot In The Head While Chasing A Suspect. This Is A Reunion Unlike Any Other. Just Wow!


Bruno is a seven-year old police dog that was shot in the line of duty while chasing a suspect with his policeman and companion R. J. Young. The dog and man both serve in the Anaheim, California police department. Young plans on adopting Bruno and paying the animal’s medical bills because Bruno was so severely injured that he cannot work as a police dog again. Bruno was shot in the mouth and the bullet lodged in the dog’s lung. Young’s first look at his companion and friend shows Bruno with a cast on his face but the dog is in good spirits. The animal and the man feel much better after they get to see each other again after the harrowing near death experience the dog underwent.

The bond between Young and Bruno is the result of six years of working together and is very special. Young describes the shooting of Bruno as an event that caused his whole world to come tumbling down. Young’s wife comments jokingly that Young is closer to the dog than he is to her. The recovery process for Bruno has been slow but the dog is on his way back to as normal a life as he can have. The dog may never again join his best friend in the field but Young will continue to love and care for his Bruno once the animal is released from the hospital.

Young sees Bruno as his partner. Bruno is a partner that risked his own life to protect his companion and fellow policeman.All people that love animals form a deep bond with them. Dogs have been protecting people and risking their lives for people for at least 28,000 years according to the most recent discoveries by Paleontologists in Russia. Bruno is in many ways braver than most human beings. There are very few people that will actually risk their own lives for another person. Animals like Bruno do it every day.

The police take a beating from the press and many citizens. Young and Bruno are a reminder of the dedication that policemen and police dogs have to the public and each other. No greater love hath any man or dog than this; that he would lay down his life for a friend.

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