A Police Dog Was Shot In The Head While Chasing A Suspect. Now His Partner Sees Him Again.


Not all the heroes in the police force are human. Canines form a special and necessary part of most modern police forces due to their natural abilities and because dogs have lived with and protected humans for over 30,000 years. Bruno is a seven-year-old German shepherd. Bruno was shot in the face in the line of duty as a police dog. The dog and his police human were chasing a suspect when the criminal shot the dog to evade capture. The dog was taken to emergency surgery just like any other police person would have been. The surgery was successful and Bruno is expected to make a complete recovery over time. While Bruno probably will not be able to return to the line of duty he is in no way forgotten by the policeman that served with him. Anaheim California police officer R. J. Young feared that his beloved friend and companion would not recover. The point blank shot to Bruno’s head was expected to end the dog’s life. Young was devastated at the prospect of losing a friend and companion that put his life on the line to protect Young.

The police actually shut down roads in Anaheim to make way for the ambulance that transported Bruno to the animal hospital for emergency surgery that saved Bruno’s life. Young says the dog never even made a sound even though Bruno was severely injured. The bullet shattered Bruno’s jaw and lodged in his lung. Young visited Bruno every day during his convalescence. Young’s wife says that the dog was Young’s constant companion and actually spent more time with the policeman than she did. Officer Young plans to adopt Bruno and pay for all of the dog’s medical bills when the dog is recovered sufficiently to leave the hospital. This true story says a few important things about animals and the police. Police people that work with animals become attached to the animal just like everyone else. When an animal risks its own life for you what could anyone do except be overcome with gratitude and do anything for the dog to see that the dog survives and returns to health.

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