A Neglected Horse Was Found With A Broken Neck. But They Were Not Prepared For THIS Miracle.


The story of Bonny’s abandonment is heart wrecking. Horses are intelligent, fun and loyal animals. They are a huge help and they make an owner proud. But there are many cruel owners out there who abandon them after they become old or injured or sick. People don’t want to spend their time or money in nursing a used up horse back to health. Bonny might have been a charmer and drooled upon while she was fit and agile. But once she broke her neck in an unfortunate injury, and stopped giving rides and help to her owner, she was disgracefully abandoned. Nobody had time and heart to take care of a used up, injured horse.

Pity horses can’t complain but only endure the injustice. Injured Bonny was left to die on her own until TomRo Ranch came to her rescue. The ranch adopted her and tried everything to nurse her back to health to give her another life she rightfully deserves. Bonny emerged like a real fighter. Soon after the rescue, a miracle happened. TomRo Ranch owners found out that Bonny was pregnant. Imagine the surprise and joy the ranch owners and team mates might have gone through! Though it was risky, Bonny on her own gave birth to a healthy baby horse. Good deeds are always rewarded, if not instantly like in the case of TomRo Ranch owners, it will eventually reap its harvest.

With proper care and nourishment by the rescuers, many of the horses still survive, but they shouldn’t undergo abandonment and inhumane torture in the first place after all they have done for its owner.

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