A Morning Bottle With Baby Girl And Her People Pal


It’s unusual, but not unheard of for a deer to develop a familial affection with a family. Our presence with wildlife is ever encroaching on to territories historical populated by deer, boar, mountain lions, and other wild animals. Sometimes, through our needs, we are fortunate enough to become people pals with animals. Baby Girl is one such example.

In the video, Baby Girl’s people pal calls to her. It isn’t long before Baby Girl hears the call of a familiar voice and comes to see her people pal with expectations of food and petting. She is lead into the kitchen, through the garage, where her people pal makes her a bottle of water and what appears to be baby formula. Baby Girl readily suckles the bottle until it is dry.

One of the cutest moments in the video is the attentiveness (much like that of a child watching their mommy) with which she watches the bottles preparation. There is an anxious patience while the water runs and then the excitement of grasping the bottle as it nears her mouth. The trust and affection with which these two beings of different species handle the situation, is awe-inspiring. Baby Girl is well aware of the friendliness and companionship she is able to glean from her people pal.

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