A Man Found An Aquarium Cemented Shut. Inside? OMG…


A man was looking around for his lost dog. While he was searching in a “abandoned area” he found something really unusual. This man found two puppies inside an aquarium filled with water, and locked from the outside. The man who made the “discovery” is Matt Williamson, and the area he found the aquarium was near Hinds County, Mississippi. At first he could not really tell what was exactly inside, but as getting closer he noticed eyes peering right at him. He describes that the puppies were trapped inside, the lid of the aquarium was closed and cemented shut.

“They set it here for them to drown,” Matt said of whomever cruelly abandoned the puppies. He called immediately the authorities, and as soon as they arrived at the scene the puppies were released and taken to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. At the Animal Rescue League they checked the two puppies, and said that the two puppies were a bit feral and running a sight fever. As for now they are keeping the two puppies in isolation to ensure they are not infectious. Except for that the Vet who checked the puppies said that they are in pretty good health.

The authorities could not be able to identify the man who did this, but their biggest confer for now, is to take good care of the puppies. Once they are fully recovered, they will try to find them forever homes, since they have no other health or mental problems. I truly home these two puppies find a loving home, and an owner to take good care of them. As for the max who discovered the puppies, I hope he found his dog because loosing your dog is a really painful loss. Share this story with your loved ones, and don’t forget to always help an animal, if they need your help.

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