A Man Finds Companionship In A Dog That Faces The Same Struggles As He Does.


Mike could relate to chance because he gets around in a wheelchair and it happens that Chance was equipped with a wheelchair as well. Mike said he thought it was very cool that Chance also had a wheelchair and he felt that the two were kindred spirits. He felt he and Chance could relate to the other because of their limited mobility. However, each has a zest for life that keeps them going despite their disabilities. Mike’s wife said Chance is a bright spot in their live because he never gives up. He goes about life just as well as many full-bodied dogs would. She said he runs to the door to greet her when she arrives home and jumps on the couch. She chuckled as she described how he drags his butt across the floor in excitement. Chance is always excited to go out on adventures with Mike and he leaps from the porch when they leave home.

Mike said the pooch his much like himself. Chance makes a big difference in his life because the small dog shows happiness and courage and knows in its own heart that he can do anything he sets out to do. The couple adopted Chance just before he was to be euthanized. San Antonio Pets Alive! did a magnificent job in healing him and they were happy to be a part of the process of continuing to help Chance heal both emotionally and physically for the hardships caused by his injuries.

San Antonio Pets Alive! is a non-profit organization that makes it its mission to save pets on the euthanasia list at the city shelter. Since 2012, they have rescued more than 20,000 cats and dogs for that fate. They have both a foster care program and adoption programs. They welcome donations for the facility and volunteers to help with the animals.

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