A Man Finds A Dying Horse And Then Creates A Miracle


A man finds a frozen horse in February in England. A man from the World Horse Welfare organization. There were two mares in a field that were in poor condition. There were also two foals and they were surviving reasonably well only because they were feeding off of the mares. David Boyd, the chief officer from the organization is the one who took matters into his own hands after receiving a call about the situation. He went down to the scene on his own to see what was going on. One mare was incapable of standing, Macy, and it was believed that she had lost the will to live. She was shaking violently. David and his team placed some rugs onto the horse to try and provide some warmth.

The veterinarian then arrived on the scene and listened to Macy’s heart. It was then that he decided that the horse probably needed to be put down because the heart beat was very weak. When that happened, Macy quickly scrambled to her feet and stood there, shaking in the cold. This demonstrated some kind of spark to show that the horse was not completely out for the count. She showed she had some desire to live. The police arrived on the scene quickly after and took the horses into a holding yard. This allowed everyone to investigate the situation a little more and look at the horses and their overall health. There was no body fat on the horse up around the neck and because of the weather, the horses took a beating along their back, all the way down their spine. There were lesions and cuts from the wind, poor nutrition, and other problems going on. Macy’s hips were protruding and during their time in the holding yard, they were able to improve slightly. The owners of the horses faded into the background, so it wasn’t known who were responsible for them. This prevented any kind of legal implications from being taken.

All four of the horses have been under care for a total of six months now and they have improved considerably. They are healthier, and have the ability to move around now. They are constantly being taken care of and have been able to escape death’s door. Macy is the most miraculous story of the four and would have been dead had it not been for the call of a concerned citizen. Some of the comments that are attached to this post are simply amazing. People feel that the owner of the horse should be persecuted for treating the animal as poorly as they did. What are your thoughts about what happened to the horse? Post your comments and share the video on Facebook.

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