A Man Brings Out His Dog And The Expressions On The Judges Faces Say It All!


Animal videos are an excellent way to waste some time, when you are stuck somewhere. Animals are cute and interesting and people are drawn to these animals they see in these videos. If you love exciting animal videos, then you are sure to love this beautiful video from a television talent show. This video is sure to make you smile.

Marc Metral probably did not know that his video would become an internet sensation when he brought his dog onto the television talent show, Britain’s Got Talent. He knew that his dog had an interesting talent, but he did not know how the judges would react. While he did not know how the judges and the audience would react, Marc Metral likely knew that he had an extremely exciting talent to share with the country.

As he comes on to the stage Marc introduced himself and then introduced his beautiful and fluffy dog. The judges were all smiles when they saw the dog. Marc appeared to be a little nervous during his introduction, but the stage fright went away quickly.

Marc began to speak to his dog and the dog was not reacting, because he clearly could not speak he was a dog. After a few awkward moments the dog began to react to his questions. This was a wonderful example of Marc’s talent. When the audience heard the dog appear to talk they were filled with laughter and smiles.

In the next part of the act Marc and Wendy began to sing a song. Marc started the singing, but after a while Wendy began to sing as well. The audience was filled with excitement and you are sure to love the audience’s reaction to the dog.

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