A Man Brings Out His Dog And The Judges Are STUNNED


It is indeed difficult to see a man past sixty who still has dreams about the future but for Mr. Marc Metral aged 61, who grew up in a little village in France, he still dreams about playing for the royal family.

Marc Metral wowed everyone present at the Britain’s got talent show with his talking dog- Wendy. During an interview before his act he explained that Wendy is a Rottweiler whom he had since she was just two months crediting his success to her presence in his life.

He further said his wife considered him crazy to make Britain’s got talent.

When asked by the judges what he was going to do for them, he responded by referring to his wonder dog as a special guest. As ” Miss Wendy” came in with the song pretty woman playing in the background probably meant to draw One to how pretty she is – which was echoed by an audience member, It is easy could see the connection they both had as he calmly spoke to her saying “sit down okay? You can’t fall down.

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