A Little Piggy Begs His Mom For Some Lettuce. You HAVE To See How He Eats It!


Everyone in the world should have a pet at least once in his lifetime just so that everyone can feel the type of friendship an animal brings to the table. Animals don’t lie, they don’t deceive and they don’t have second intentions; they just love unconditionally.

When we think about pets we usually think about dogs, cats or even some birds, but pets can be some much more it’s unreal. Some people keep reptiles as pets, others keep dangerous animals such as tigers, there’s really no telling what kind of animal can be our friend. We just need to strike a friendship with them and that’s it.

I bet somewhere in a natural reserve in the world, there are people who have friendships with lions, elephants and even with bears. It doesn’t matter, friendship and love are universal things that transcend species, age, time and even space. It’s as beautiful as it gets.

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