A Horse Is Giving Birth, But Then Something EXTREMELY Rare Happens


The veterinary school had not prepared in advance for this very unusual event. The arrival of twins came as a surprise to the veterinary staff. It was not until the foals were delivered that the attending staff realized that their mother was carrying twins and they would be facing a grave emergency. Instantly the University of Michigan staff knew the challenge they faced. They were in danger of losing both of the new born princes. Despite the difficulties the young horses presented, the dedicated and determined staff rose to the challenge and committed themselves to saving the struggling newborns. Supplies, equipment, and staff were assembled and tasked with saving both of the young horses. In the beginning they were watched twenty four hours a day. They had to be held up. They had to be moved, they had to be hand feed by the staff. The chores were endless but staff were up to meeting every challenge the situation could throw at them.

Their unceasing efforts quickly began to produce positive results. The horses gained strength and became active. They began feeding from their mother, Princess, in the normal way. Within two weeks the situation was no longer a crisis. The princes were still small but they were no longer in danger of perishing. Then began to play and able about their quarters. Harry in particular was playful and would harass his brother nipping at his ears.

By the end of three weeks it was clear the crisis had passed. Prince William and Prince Henry had doubled their weight and were clearly beginning to thrive. The students and staff of the College of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Michigan had accomplished a small miracle and the young brothers were able to go home on May21st.

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