A Horse And Doberman Just Met 10 Days Ago – This Is What Happened


This video is a prime example of how animals adopt and care for members of other species. Contino the horse likes Boss the Doberman. Most of us would claim the horse loves the dog and the dog loves the horse. Contino shows love for the dog with an all body massage. Since horses do not have hands, the horse uses its tongue to lick and massage the dog. We mean an all over massage from stem to stern or in this instance head to tail. The dog loves it. You can tell the dog likes being licked by the horse just from the way the dog acts and moves around so the horse can get to those hard to reach spots.

The horse is a diligent and patient masseur. A Doberman is a fairly large dog so it takes some time and effort to give the dog a complete massage. It is a wonder that the horse does not get tongue strain from the loving and faithful service that the horse provides for the dog. While the dog gets a good licking, it naturally returns the favor by licking the horse on the legs and face. The horse and dog even engage in a little smooching.

Apparently, this is a daily routine that has developed between the two animals. Maybe, it just feels good. Possibly it is a bonding ritual that keeps the animals familiar with the scent of the other animal. The animals just like each other is the simple answer. The horse does most of the work. The dog is just not big enough to get to all of the horse. Both of the animals seem perfectly satisfied with the arrangement.

This really is an astonishing and heart warming little video. People that have not been around animals of different species will probably marvel at the tender loving care the dog and the horse give to each other. The fact is that most animals that live together develop a bond of some kind that includes mutual grooming.


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