A Hiker Fed A Stray Dog, And The Most Amazing Thing Happened


The team of Swedish athletes was enduring a 430 mile journey across Ecuador when they sat down to have a meal. When they opened their canned food, a stray dog probably smelled the food and decided to go check it out. One of the members of the team actually spotted the stray dog and decided to feed him a little. After all, we all deserve a little bit of food when times get tough. The team member would never expect the dog would do such a thing after that. The team continued to endure its race but the dog decided to tag along. Everywhere they went, the dog actually went alongside them, enduring everything they had to endure on his four paws. The team admired the dog’s actions and decided to name him Arthur.

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Arthur was a fighter and everywhere the team went, he was there. He dragged himself up hills, he swam across rivers while the team kayaked through them, and went through deep mud. Understandingly, the team was worried about the dog’s safety and as such, tried to leave without him. The dog got this, and quickly swam alongside the team desperately trying to keep up.
The team member that had spotted the dog in the first place was heartbroken and mesmerized with the courage the dog had, and decided to pick him up and adopt him. Arthur decided to befriend a team he had never seen before and incredibly, he now has a home and a good life.

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