A Hidden Camera Catches An Elephant Doing Something Scientists Have Never Seen Before


The is one of the coolest videos I have ever seen. This big elephant is doing something even humans don’t do. Watch as this incredible elephant knows exactly what to do when dealing with a human’s trash. You can’t get most people to do this but watch as he picks up the trash. This cool elephant was caught on camera at the Thornhill Safari Lodge in South Africa doing his duty. You have to see this video to really believe what is happening with this giant elephant. This is the all time coolest elephant I have ever seen. You won’t believe what he is caught doing.

Watch as this elephant takes care of business. He seems to be having a little snack from the tree maybe a banana. This elephant is a green-wise dude because he jumps right into action picking up some trash on the ground. You can’t believe how he picks up the trash. Watch as he uses his trunk to lift up the trash! I have never seen such a conscientious animal like this big elephant.

They say elephants are really smart but this is really something! Scientists everywhere must be shaking their heads. He is seen picking up after someone else, it is not even his trash. This really shows you the capacity of this beautiful animal. Watch this video and see one of the most amazing animals on the planet. This elephant seems to know right what to do with this disgusting trash.

Watch as this elephant uses his foot to help pick up the trash. He scoops the paper up with his long trunk using his foot to get a hold of it. Scientists and behavior experts everywhere must be shaking their heads in amazement. This is so cool how the elephant manages to pick up this trash. It is so much fun watching this cool elephant video. You will have so much fun watching this.

This all took place at a Safari Lodge in Limpopo, South Africa. Watching this big and intelligent creature is so interesting and you would even say he is smarter than us. He knows that trash can get out of hand fast and he jumps into action. Watch as this big elephant proves to be very agile when he does his good deed for the day.

Watch this video to see what they caught in action. This heavy set cool elephant dude. What an amazing site watching him pick up this trash. Watching him use his leg to help pick it up is simply amazing. You can’t even get one of us humans to do this and along comes this conscientious elephant. He turns out to be a recycling elephant, lol. You have to see this video of this amazing and cool elephant.

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