A Happy Rescue For Tyrion A Pit Bull. You’ll want to see how this one ends, trust me.


Meet Tyrion, a charcoal grey pit bull rescued when he was found wandering on an entry ramp for a busy highway in Southern CA. Hungry and in pain, he was filled with ticks and his injuries from a fight with another animal were full of infection he was so undernourished that his ribs were visible through his skin. The pit bull was in luck that day as the Hope For Paws rescue center received a call about the wandering animal. As the rescuer from Hope For Paws, saw the pit bull and approached the animal who is now called Tyrion.

Tyroin, this beautiful charcoal grey pit bull is now ready for adoption, as the Hope For Paws does not euthanize animals, they work to find happy endings for abandoned and mistreated animals. If you or anyone you know is looking to adopt an animal please contact the Hope For Paws rescue center, or a rescue center in your area and help these animals find a warm and loving family.

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