A Gorilla Saw Itself In The Mirror For The First Time Ever. His Reaction? Hilarious!


Most of us look at our animal friends as an extension of the human race. With so many traits that personify them, including the ability to feel and express emotion, it is no wonder why people develop such a close attachment to their animal buddies. The above statements are certainly true, but there are certain subtle differences between man and animals. For example, most of us have the same morning routine when we roust ourselves out of bed. We get out from under the warmth of our cozy covers, take a nice, long stretch, then head to the mirror to make sure we still look the same as we did yesterday. However, our animal counterparts do not have mirrors as a staple of their daily lives, a major difference that is illustrated by this particular video.

Xavier Hubert Brierre, a well known French photographer, made the trek to Gabon alongside of his wife. Once he arrived, he placed a series of mirrors in areas where animals would not be used to seeing them. From there, he simply let the camera roll and documented the animals’ reactions to seeing themselves for the very first time.

The majority of the animals depicted in this clip are clearly baffled by what they are seeing. This confusion is certainly understandable, once you stop to consider that most of them have never even seen a mirror in their lives, let alone had a chance to catch a glimpse of their own reflection.

While some of the animals were puzzled by the sudden appearance of the mirrors, there are others who became enraged or fearful upon seeing their own reflections, as they thought they were being attacked by an outside presence. The results of this interesting experiment are certainly stunning and bear a second (or even third viewing.

Watching these puzzled animals can bring about a series of mixed emotions. Some may simply chuckle at the naivete of the animals and others may feel as if this is some sort of cruel joke or prank that Xavier Hubert Brierre is playing for his own amusement. The reaction of the animals runs the gamut from confusion to aggression and makes this clip a must view for all of the animal lovers out there.

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