A Friend Took A Picture Of Her Spreading Her Dog’s Ashes. What It Caught? OMG


They say dogs are a man (or woman’s) best friend, and like all friendships the longer the two have been together, the more attached they become. There are several possible reasons for a person to be attached to their dog (or vice versa) but it is usually beautiful to see this sort of inter-species relationship. This is perhaps better portrayed by the example of Ashley Lang’s relationship with her dog Wagner. She shared a lot of beautiful memories with this beloved canine of hers, and you could say the good old “best friend” tag was justified.

Sadly though, as is usual for every friendship (or any relationship whatsoever) to lose one of its members to the cold hands of death in the long run, she recently lost Wagner. The 12-year-old golden retriever died. The bereaved owner thought it was only right to give her friend, companion, play mate (and good ol’ pet) of 12 long years a fitting farewell. To do this she decided to spread his ashes at their (Wagner and her) favorite spot and the event(s) that unfolded have not only led to Wagner earning the name angel dog, but has also given her an extremely amazing picture to remember him by; and most importantly left her with a wonderful final memory of him to add to all of the special moments they have accumulated together over the last 12 years.

In her own words “It’s pretty remarkable…the tail and the legs and he looks like he’s, you know, leaping to go up,” she said to a prominent media outlet “Everyone keeps calling him the angel dog.” This was to her, Wagner’s way of saying one last goodbye. This is surely going to help her accept the loss more easily and achieve closure with less difficulty. Whatever is your take on this picture, Wagner is an angel dog. He might not be to you, but to Ashley Lang and millions of others in the world, he is.

Ashley said she believes it was Wagner’s way of saying one last goodbye.

[h/t – The Dodo]

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