A Fox Spots Something In The Dirt And Does The Cutest Thing EVER.


For most of us, cockroaches are considered a nuisance. That cockroach would not last more than five seconds around the majority of people. But Anya’s all inclusive approach makes for entertaining viewing, as she bounces and jumps alongside of the insect. Does she know what it is? Probably not, but she is definitely going to try and find out!

The cockroach is scared for its life, most likely, but to the fox, this is just a fun game to be played. As it tries to scurry away from the friendly, playful fox, the fox assumes that this is all part of the fun and continues to bounce and play.

Just when it seems like the cockroach is about to escape from the clutches of the wily fox, Anya simply jumps back into its path. Its hard to feel bad for a cockroach, but this clip will have you feeling genuine sympathy for this poor insect.

Anya means well, though, and her antics will also have you doubled over with laughter. She is not about to let this potential new friend get away so easily and she is going to do everything in her power to make sure that they keep playing together. This clip is proof that you can find new friends in unlikely places, so be sure to watch it until the end.

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