A Dog Spent 12 Years In A Puppy Mill Before THIS Happened. My Heart Can’t Take It!


Since dogs are unable to speak out and tell us about their hardships, we often lose sight of just how hard their lives can be. Many dogs are never able to experience the happiness that comes with being loved and having a forever home. Lots of dogs live a life of true misery and videos like these call attention to this very unfortunate fact.

Would you believe that there are dogs like Belle, just out there in the world, with no one to love them or provide affection? Belle spent a whopping 12 years living in a puppy mill, a number that is truly difficult to fathom. 12 years is three sets of Olympic games, three presidential terms, the time it takes from a child to make its way from infancy to puberty.

In other words, 12 years is an eternity. Especially for a dog who is this adorable and worthy of love. The idea of a dog like Belle being forced to live in a puppy mill for over a decade is certainly enough to bring tears to the eyes of even the most even keeled of individuals, so when watching this video, be sure to have your Kleenex on hand.

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