A Dog Rescues A Baby From A Dumpsite, But Watch What Happens


While wandering about in his community as he was regularly wont to do, Pui the dog found a white plastic bag.  It had been carelessly tossed in the roadside dump near Tha Rui.  After realizing that there was something important in the bag Pui decided to take it home with him. Once outside his house, Pui immediately began barking to get his owner’s attention.  When his owners looked inside the bag, they discovered – to their great surprise – a newborn baby girl. After doing an exam of the abandoned child doctors came to the conclusion that the baby was born nearly two months premature. Pui’s owners were reportedly surprised by their dog’s find, as he had never brought anything home previously.  They believe in their hearts that destiny had brought the baby to them, and hope that they will be able to adopt the child if efforts to find the baby’s biological mother are unsuccessful.  Local police are currently working under the belief that the mother is a teenage girl working in one of the factories nearby.

A video of Pui’s accomplishment soon went viral on the internet, garnering him the adoration of people the world over.  But, the best was yet to come – because of his efforts to save the baby girl’s life, the Red Cross decided to honor Pui with a special collar made from leather, and his owners were gifted with a $300 reward.

Stories like this just provide further proof of how far the bond between man and dog extends.  Congratulations to Pui and his owners for their astounding accomplishment!

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