A Dog Living In A Sewer Will NEVER Be On His Own Again!


Dogs are known to be the friendliest and most social pet of man. However, these creatures tend to be so shy at times especially to strangers. In this video, you will discover how little Bitty (a homeless dog) was able to overcome his fears and put his trust on an outright stranger who came to rescue him from the sewer he was living in. It all began when a team of rescuers from two separate organization namely Hope For Paws and Rescue From the Hart set out to carry out a search and rescue task on a dog from the river one night.

Initially, reports obtained revealed they were two dogs involved but as a result of a heavy downpour witnessed during the early hours of the day, one of the dogs was lost to the floods after he was drowned in the rain. Nevertheless, this rescue team had to set out that night to go in search of the other surviving canine who was hiding in a sewer.

Arriving at the entrance, they found the lonely little pup sitting at the mouth of the tunnel obviously afraid of the dark. But as soon as the rescuers arrived at the point and the light from their torches beamed on him he instantly stood up and began to walk through the tunnel.

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