A Dog Gets To Play With A Toy For The First Time. But That’s Not The Best Part…


The story you will find out in the following two videos is really sad. I don’t know If you are familiar with this topic, but many people in Asia eat dog meat. Yes you heard that right. Apparently those people enjoy killing and eating the animals we love the most. That is the reason why they have Dog Meat Farms, and many animal organizations are doing what they can to save the poor creatures. In 2015 Animal Humane Society saved 23 dogs from a Dog Meat Farm in South Korea. All the dogs were transferred in the USA, where they got all adopted by their forever families.

It is really sad to hear stories like this, but there are some things that can’t change by itself. We all have to give our contribution to stop different phenomena like this. If you haven’t heard dog cruelty is something common in China too. So if you care to save these dogs, then you can search online and sign petitions that want to prevent the “Dog Meat Festival” that happens in Yulin, China every year. I just can’t imagine how can these people kill, and eat dogs. For my opinion they are just psychopaths, and we have to do something to make this stop!

But is is not just the “Dog meat festival” but many different Dog Meat Factories that need to stop their “production.” Dogs are not food, they are not in this world to be eaten. They are pets, human companions, human protectors, human guards and so on. We have to do everything to rescue them from such cruelties because they do all they can to save our lives also. The following two videos will leave a deep impact in you because they are both meaningful. The first one is the story of the dogs who got saved from the Dog Mean Factory in South Korea. While the second video is one of the rescued dogs playing with a toy for the very first time in its life. Please share, and don’t forget to sign the petition!

The rescued dogs from the Dog Meat Farm

Little Snowball playing with its first toy!

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