A Deer Walked Into Their Yard. The Footage They Captured Stunned The World!


This video captures an unlikely friendship in the animal Kingdom. The YouTube video captures the deep feelings, animals have for one another, even wild creatures, like a baby deer. This video captures the adoption or relationship between a wild animal, a fawn who has been named, Pippin and the female dog named, Kate. While watching this video, you see a most unusual family beginning to form, not unlike some of the modern families of today.

The dog is most likely, playing the role of mother, to the little deer. The thing that is so amusing in this video, is that, they are about, the same size! This is even more perplexing, as you watch them, interact with each other. This surrogate mothering by Kate, most likely stems from her DNA. The dog is reacting to instinct, in protecting Pip, as if, it was her own little puppy, LOL, although a very large puppy.

Watch this video and you will see, the deepest emotions between, any living organisms, that is possible. Now that said, isn’t that amazing that we are talking about the relationship between two animals. Even more amazing, is that, Pip is a wild animal, that is not at all, intimidated by the environment, he has wandered into. Now, most people, after watching this video, are going to be shaking their heads, thinking, why can’t humans be more like this! I guess we can all learn something from the animal kingdom.

If you’d like to learn more about this adorable pair, please visit the website Kate and Pippin: An unlikely love story.

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